ADCB Mobile Token
ADCB Mobile Token
Free Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Posted in: 14 de fev de 2020

A little about the app ADCB Mobile Token

Exclusively for ADCB ProCash® and ProTrade® clients, this app will facilitate the generation of passwords so you as a client can enjoy easy mobile banking with ProCash® and ProTrade®.
For easy mobile banking please log on to ProCash® with your hard token device, go to 'My Device’ to register and activate your ADCB Mobile Token application. Once registered you can log in and approve transactions with ADCB ProCash® and ProTrade® at any time. Please note the application only facilitates the log in and approving transactions not basic usage of ProCash®.
What's new in ADCB Mobile Token?
Minor improvements and bug fixes
More info
Creation date
15 de set de 2013
Requires Android
1.5 and up
Privacy policy
APK Updated On
16 de jun de 2016
1.2 MB
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ADCB Mobile Token
ADCB Mobile Token