DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-
DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-
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A little about the app DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-

An immortal man who draws the blood of the demon king. He was thrown into a dungeon where many monsters live.
Dungeons are not only horrific monsters. Suspicious dead, hidden traps, dangerous treasure chests, you have to identify them. Can you use wisdom to survive in the dungeon?

【Battle system】
The battle is a card battle combining cards and battles! By combining and strengthening cards, you can win even strong monsters.

【Original monster】
More than 200 monsters will appear. Each has its own unique attack. You can not beat them with power alone. Use items and skills to overcome the crisis!

【Many item】
There are over 200 accessories and items. The skills available depend on the type of weapon, so find the battle method that suits you.

【Nurturing system】
Depending on how you grow up, you can make free character making, such as a warrior type that boasts strength, a magician type that makes full use of magic, and a Martial artist type that fights lightly with bare hands!

【Beautiful dot graphic】
The famous graphic designer Ginoya is responsible for all the graphics of the game. The dot graphic which reached the area of ​​art stimulates adventure!

【Full loading elements】
Weapons and armor can be strengthened. The battle will be advantageous as you continue strengthening!
What's new in DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-?
The effect of shield cards has been changed.You can reduce the damage until you cut another card or use the item.
The upper limit of blacksmith equipment has been increased from 2 to 3 times.
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25 de abr de 2019
Requires Android
4.1 and up
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07 de nov de 2019
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DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-
DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-