Defend the Earth
Defend the Earth
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A little about the app Defend the Earth

You are a veteran space force pilot. One day, a unknown extraterrestrial civilization came and started attacking Earth. Now it's up to you to save the Earth and mankind from alien invaders and asteroids! Will you successfully defend the Earth?

- Campaign with 20 levels
- Endless - can you survive against never-ending waves of alien invaders and asteroids?
- 4 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare)
- Destroy alien ships and asteroids to earn money
- 6 purchasable spaceships
- 4 purchasable upgrades

Destroy alien ships, asteroids and use the money you earn to buy new spaceships and upgrades! Are you brave enough to defend Earth?
What's new in Defend the Earth?
- (Campaign) Boss damage is now reduced by 15% on Easy
- Added Repair pickup sounds
- Added Supercharge pickup sound
- Changed Mjolnir's Chaos Orb split sound
- Minor file size optimizations
- Dropped support for Android 4.1
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Creation date
23 de jul de 2019
Requires Android
4.2 and up
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APK Updated On
07 de nov de 2019
34.01 MB
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Defend the Earth
Defend the Earth