Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+
Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+
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A little about the app Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+

Fiete World invites your kid to freely explore a large playing world.

Go on an adventure with Fiete, his friends and his pets.
You are traveling with numerous flying objects, cars and ships.
Or dress up as viking, pirate or pilot.In this open ended play world your children invent their own stories and their own tasks.

With its numerous play objects this ""digital dollhouse"" is perfect for roleplaying..
Your children get to know visual characteristics of different countries (USA, India, France, Caribbean and Germany) and, above all, discover the numerous similarities.
To make sure that no child feels excluded, Fiete World includes a variety of characters with different skin colors.

Children can ride a Ferris wheel in the colorful theme park, reenact the moon landing or Jurassic Park in the film studio. They play with Kong the Giant Monkey, visit the school and the record shop and if they are hungry, they visit the burger shop or eat something at the HotDog stand. Then they can go to work at the docks, play with the crane and unload ships.

Also in this version: 
In venerable France, for example, children can sit in a chic café on the Seine under the Eiffel Tower in the evening or play robber and gendarme with the police. Of course, there is also a police helicopter, a police boat and a police car. and the Eiffel Tower.

Also in this version: 
In densely populated India, the children can harvest tropical fruits and squeeze juices, change tires in the auto repair shop, ride with elephants or work on the latest robot technology. What is particularly exciting here are the clear contrasts between tradition and technology.

- Explore a vast world
- Change between Day and Night mode
- Go on a treasure hunt- Steer the pirate ship
- Ride an elephant or a dinosaur
- Play with a robot
- Cut trees
- Use wood to make a fire
- Disguise yourself
- Plant flowers and vegetables
- Fix the tractor- Change wheels on the cars
- Bake a cake
- Fly helicopter, a jet, a historic plane or an U.F.O.
- Make a picnic on the beach- Deliver packages
- Send postcards all around the world
- Discover souvenirs from around the world in Fietes Room

- Fantasy- Role playing
- Tell their own stories
- Experimenting
- Interaction with others
- Understanding the world

We are Ahoiii, a small app development studio based in Cologne, Germany. We create beautifully formed apps for children, which are fun and encourage children to learn something through playing. All of our games are 100 per cent safe to use. There is certainly a generous helping of humour, which is why we also enjoy playing with our own children. You can learn more about Ahoiii at
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11 de abr de 2019
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Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+
Fiete World - Creative dollhouse for kids 4+