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A little about the app Flare Up

What is FlareUp?

FlareUp enables you to share locations without Internet or GPS.

The Motivation

Whenever you want to know where your friends are you either send a message or call them. If you send a message it usually goes like this:

You - "Where are you?"
Friend - "I'm at the garden near the left entrance to Santa Cruz cathedral....."

Sometimes this is enough but what if that garden is New York City’s Central Park? After all, it is a wide open space and you definitely need more details about your friend’s location. Eventually, you two need to exchange more information, either via text messages or voice calls, until you meet each other.

Of course, you can also use a GPS, if your mobile phone happens to have one, or use a location service/app, which requires Internet access.
Either way, the process requires more effort than needed and/or unnecessary expenses.

Flare Up solves this problem with a single text message.

How It Works

FlareUp special Url contains all the information needed to show your location. This Url be sent using any exchange message system (text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangout,...) but we advise using text messages whenever possible. Nowadays a lot of plans include free text messages and this guarantees that your contact receive the location. Other messaging systems require both parties to be only.

It is that simple. Finding your friends has just become easier (and cheaper).

Pros and Cons

- No Internet needed: information is exchanged via text messages
- No waiting for GPS signal: you just click on the map and set your position.
- Always available: unlike other services, an Internet connection isn’t required to receive location requests or updates.
- Shares the exact location and view you have on Google Maps. (if you are seeing 3D buildings and facing a direction, this is exactly what your contact will receive.)

- You need to have the map information in cache or enable data to view the maps. (We are working in possible fixes for this)

Don’t Forget to FlareUp your Friends
What's new in Flare Up?
New toolbar design.
Include plain coordinates in message
More info
Creation date
Requires Android
2.3.3 and up
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APK Updated On
17 de abr de 2015
2.1 MB
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