me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.
me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.
Free meandu Australia Pty Ltd Posted in: 31 de mai de 2020

A little about the app me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.

Welcome to Australia's new way to order and pay.

me&u is a smart menu that lives inside your pocket and adapts to whichever restaurant you walk into. Allowing you to seamlessly order your food and pay your bill. No matter where you are me&u knows your favourite foods, dietary needs, the best dishes and your preferred method of payment.

• No more items on the menu you won’t like or can’t eat.
• No more interrupting the moment with family and friends, waving your hand about trying to get that waiter’s attention.
• Or trying to decipher the best wine to go with your meal.
• And finally no more hanging around waiting to pay for your meal.


Download me&u to discover Australia’s new way to order & pay in your fave restaurants across Sydney (rest of the country, coming very soon.) With me&u you'll find yourself spending more time laughing with friends, enjoying memorable moments with family and closing more deals as you can focus on what’s happening around you, rather than paying and ordering your food. In a world where we're used to paying on the run and doing everything at the touch of a button, why wait for waitstaff to take an order or process your bill? It's time to let me&u do what we do best to allow you to do what you do best, eat, drink and have a good time.

You will love:
- Rich & appetising images of every dish to make it easier than ever before to order
- Filter the menu based on your dietary requirements ie. Vegan (finally!)
- Send your order straight to the kitchen, no more waiting around
- Easily re-order additional dishes or drinks without needing to poke the hand in the air waiting for a waiter.
- Pay your bill, quickly and easily directly from your phone
- Split the bill with mates, no more maths and trigonometry
- See great pairings to make it easy to order food & wine
- Rate your dishes, let the team know what you loved!
What's new in me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.?
Assorted bug fixes and performance improvements
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14 de mai de 2020
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me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.
me&u – Tap. Order. Pay.