My Town : Police Station Pretend games for Kids
My Town : Police Station Pretend games for Kids
Free My Town Games Ltd Posted in: 14 de fev de 2020

A little about the app My Town : Police Station Pretend games for Kids

With My Town 's Police station it is your time to become a policeman or woman, a detective and even a crook. Adventure and fun can be found all around the police station. Check out the Police car, take it for a ride, Help solve mysteries, lock away the bad guys and even plan a daring escape. Everything is possible in this highly interactive imagination game for children.

* Lots of new characters to play with, including Both a police man, policewoman, detective crooks and many more.
* Huge game pack including 7 different locations around the police station to explore such as Jail, Police dog training yard and the Safe !
* Over 300 different accessories and clothing to interact and play with!
* Game connects to other My Town games, Move characters and items between all our games for an even bigger adventure
* Multitouch feature added, Play with your friends and family on the same device!

My Town games are all about experiencing, imagining and having pure playtime fun. Our digital doll house games allow million’s of kids to have a new and fun adventure everyday! Our games promote imagination and stress free fun game play for kids.

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room. Younger kids will enjoy playing together with parents while the older kids can play alone or with a friend using our new multitouch feature!

The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and open ended play for your children all over the world. Loved by children and parents alike, My Town games introduce environments and experiences for hours of imaginative play. The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. For more information, please visit or visit us on the MY TOWN Facebook page and twitter!
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23 de jul de 2015
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22 de jan de 2020
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My Town : Police Station Pretend games for Kids
My Town : Police Station Pretend games for Kids