Ninja Awaken: Burning
Ninja Awaken: Burning
Free llfairy Posted in: 29 de jun de 2020

A little about the app Ninja Awaken: Burning

The high profile mobile game Ninja Awaken: Burning is available now! The original plot was restored, and a hundred ninjas descended. Explore the fantastic ninja world together with the excellent fighters, you can fully experience the exciting ninjutsu battles and the intricate relations. Time to begin new adventure!

Game features:
1. Orthodox restoration, anime reproduction. The classic plot is revisited, and the bloody fighting is rekindled.
2. Ninjutsu fighting, fierce infinite combo. The classic ninjutsu is released at will, the ultimate special effects, blooming full screen
3. Collect ninjas and play as you like. Legend Ninja is your choice, say goodbye to the sin-gle character experience, switch at will, and experience as much as you want.
4. Real-time pk, bloody and exciting live showdown, use your talent to impact the pinnacle of the world of ninjutsu.
5. Survive the challenge and dominate the whole service. Pick the strongest ninja lineup, challenge all masters, and win rich rewards.
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19 de mai de 2020
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Ninja Awaken: Burning
Ninja Awaken: Burning