OOO Henshin Belt Sim
OOO Henshin Belt Sim
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Free Henshin Dev Posted in: 06 de out de 2019

A little about the app OOO Henshin Belt Sim

DX Henshin Belt for OOO Henshin

DX Henshin Belt simulation for OOO Henshin, tokusatsu and cosplay needs

This is A transform game of OOO henshin belt with complete features. Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for OOO henshin belt.
So! play the OOO henshin belt and transform every time. And share OOO henshin belt to other fellow henshin fans.

Features :
~ 35 Coin
~ 67 Ringtone

How to use :
1. Click button tutorial to show tutorial video.
2. Click button play to go ooo henshin belt.
3. Click Coin (Head/Arm/Leg/All) (left up).
4. Select one of coin.
5. After 1 coin head, arm, and leg selected, click scan (right coin all).
6. You can see simple animation of henshin belt henshin ooo (Ozu).
7. After finish, repeat the first step to hear other henshin sound.
What's new in OOO Henshin Belt Sim?
OOO Henshin Belt Sim Ver 1.4
+ Bug Fix
More info
Creation date
28 de jun de 2019
Requires Android
4.1 and up
Privacy policy
APK Updated On
04 de out de 2019
41.52 MB
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OOO Henshin Belt Sim
OOO Henshin Belt Sim