Simple Jigsaw Puzzle
Simple Jigsaw Puzzle
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Free ACKAD Developer. Posted in: 08 de nov de 2019

A little about the app Simple Jigsaw Puzzle

Simple Jigsaw puzzle, it is very addicted puzzle. If you like to play jigsaw puzzles, then this is best application for you. This puzzle has been for kids as well as adult. If you stuck while playing, then hint button will help you to finish the puzzle.

There are four difficulty levels (16, 25, 36, 49 pieces). All the pieces will move be randomly on screen, use your finger to move the jigsaw piece and complete the puzzle.

Below jigsaw puzzles are included:
- Simple Jigsaw Puzzle.
- Kids Jigsaw Puzzle.
- Animal Jigsaw Puzzle.
- Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.
- Cat Jigsaw Puzzle.

Application features:
1. Simple Jigsaw 4 x 4 (Easy jigsaw puzzle).
2. Simple Jigsaw 5 x 5 (Medium jigsaw puzzle).
3. Simple Jigsaw 6 x 6 (Hard jigsaw puzzle).
4. Simple Jigsaw 7 x 7 (Expert jigsaw puzzle).
5. With auto solve button.
6. Clear audio sound.
7. Superb design.
8. 180 high quality pictures to play jigsaw puzzle.
9. Choose your own picture to play jigsaw puzzle with it.
What's new in Simple Jigsaw Puzzle?
Simple Jigsaw puzzle , it is very addicted puzzle.
Performance improvement and bug fixes.
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4.4 and up
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27 de jun de 2020
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Simple Jigsaw Puzzle
Simple Jigsaw Puzzle